Kangwon Land Gift Shop sold so-called luxury goods, and it turned out that the product was a so-called 'fake'.

According to data submitted to the National Assembly by Kangwon Land, in May, Kangwon Land confirmed that the Saint Laurent brand bag being sold at its gift shop was a fake luxury product and ordered the store to be withdrawn.

In August of last year, Kangwon Land signed a contract with a parallel importer and has been selling branded products such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Prada in its gift shop.

We conducted authenticity and counterfeit inspections on the company's products, and in March, we confirmed that one of the Saint Laurent products was a fake.

However, it was confirmed that Kangwon Land notified the company of business suspension only in April, and it took nearly two months for the company to withdraw its products and showcases.

Kangwon Land explained that it had sent a text message saying, 'Due to the backlash of the seller, we reconfirmed the counterfeit goods, and if necessary, we will pay the cost for the luxury evaluation to customers who used the store.