Lee Jun-seok, former representative of the People's Power, and the People's Power once again faced off against each other in the interrogation of the suspension of the effect of the amendment to the Party Constitution and engaged in a legal battle.

There was a sharp battle of words in front of the courthouse, and the conclusion will come out as early as next week.

This is reporter Kim Ji-wook's report.


Lee Jun-seok, the former president of the People's Power, who appeared in court, and the People's Power had a tense nerve battle ahead of the interrogation.

[Lee Jun-seok/Former People's Power Representative

: I want everyone to come to their senses and start to catch prices and exchange rates, not to catch Lee Jun-seok.]

We don't want to imagine.

It is a disaster for our party.]

The interrogation, which lasted for about an hour and a half, dealt with three cases of application for injunction: the suspension of the effect of the revision of the Constitution of the People's Power and the suspension of the duties of Vice Chairman Jeong Jin-seok and non-commissioned members.

Regarding the effect of the revised party constitution, which is a key issue, the former representative said, "The party constitution was amended in the 'non-captain Joo Ho-young', which became invalid as a result of the citation of the first injunction, and therefore has no effect. " asserted.

The People's Power side responded, "It cannot be invalidated because it is the autonomous domain of the party guaranteed by the Constitution to amend the constitution."

The two sides will ask whether the Vice Chairperson Jeong Jin-seok can concurrently serve as the Vice Chairperson of the National Assembly.

After the interrogation was over, an out-of-court debate ensued.

[Lee Jun-seok/Former People's Power Representative: Wasn't it such a mentality that you could see a slightly magical thought, 'If only Lee Jun-seok is blown away, everything will be fine'...


[Jeon Joo-hye/People's Power Emergency Response Committee member: (Lee's claim) Because it is the same as the 'Cheondong theory'...


I would like to ask someone who brought politics into the realm of justice.]

The court said that a decision on the injunction case will be made after next week.

(Video coverage: Jeon Gyeong-bae, video editing: Lee Seung-hee, VJ: Lee Jun-young)