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relation to the fire in the parking lot on the first basement floor of the Daejeon 'Hyundai Premium Outlet' in which 7 people died and 1 was injured, the related authorities are continuing a joint investigation to determine the cause for the second day.

The police are also said to be conducting a search and seizure on the Hyundai Outlet today (28th).

This is reporter Yoo Deok-gi.

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police, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, and the fire department started the second joint investigation this morning on the fire site of the Daejeon Hyundai Premium Outlet underground parking lot.

In today's forensics, we will focus on whether firefighting equipment such as sprinklers that spray water and smoke control equipment that exhausts toxic gases and smoke to the outside worked properly at the time of the fire.

The National Forensic Service estimated that all seven people who lost their lives in the fire died from suffocation from smoke.

The forensic team focused on a truck parked near the loading dock on the first basement floor where the fire started yesterday and near the beginning of the fire, but no flammable substances were found.

[Kim Hang-soo / Daejeon Police Agency Scientific Investigation Chief (Yesterday): I used a forklift to lift the wheel of the vehicle suspected of igniting the first time, collect debris that fell under the wheel, and looked around.]

In the midst of this, the police seized Daejeon Hyundai Outlet It is known that a search will be launched.

In addition, it is expected that a summons investigation will be conducted on Hyundai Outlet officials in the near future.

Three of the seven people who died in the 'Daejeon Hyundai Premium Outlet' fire that occurred yesterday had their funeral today, and some of the victims' families have announced that they will not hold a funeral until the exact cause is identified.