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Yesterday (27th), an article was posted on an online community saying, "I'm looking for a hit-and-run person who hit my father with an electric kickboard and ran away."

The author said that his father, Mr. A, was hit by an electric scooter and is concerned about paralysis in the lower body.

Mr. A collided with an electric kickboard while crossing the crosswalk on the Dorimcheon Sports Road at Sindorim Station Daelim Reservoir around 8 am on the 24th.

At that time, Mr. A lost his mind and the driver threw the kickboard and fled.

A passing pedestrian raised Mr. A and stopped bleeding the injured area with his mask, but Mr. A had cracks in his neck and skull and was diagnosed with a fracture of his left clavicle.

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According to the doctor's opinion, there is a possibility that it ran more than 60 km/h.

Netizens said, "Electric kickboard accidents do not stop. Proper measures are needed."

"It was such a big accident, but running away... I think I need to add a tantrum."