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Seoul Metropolitan Government has started an audit related to a large-capacity air purifier installed in a subway station. 

Suspicions were raised that there was a problem with the performance of the air purifier, and today (27th) went directly to the subway station to verify, and reporter Park Chan-beom covered the site.


Experts are gathering in front of a large-capacity air purifier.

Measure the accurate wind speed against the air purifier filter.

It's to check if it has the power to suck in the outside air.

[Wind speed measurement: Yes, 0.57m/s came out.

Where should we go next?] The

Seoul Audit Committee formed a technical advisory group of five internal and external experts and started the audit.

The audit began when information was obtained that the air purifier installed at each subway station was suspected of underperformance, such as a decrease in the suction power of sucking air.

On-site verification by the technical advisory group was conducted at four subway stations today.

As such, the number of large-capacity air purifiers supplied to Seoul Subway Lines 1 through 9 is over 4,000.

The currently installed air purifiers were delivered by three companies that won a contract in a bid from the Public Procurement Service last year.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is also planning to check whether the suppliers supplied air purifiers with the same performance as the test report submitted at the time of the contract.

[Technical Advisory Group: It is difficult to check whether the air purifier

is being maintained at all times or is performing its functions, so it is expected that accurate results will be obtained by requesting a test from an accredited testing institute.]

As related ministries such as the Ministry of Environment announced measures to strengthen indoor air quality management, it was decided to install it at subway stations.

The companies said that the air purifier passed the delivery standards and there was no problem in performance.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su, Kim Seung-tae, Video editing: Park Ji-in)