It is presumed that boxes stacked in the underground loading dock acted as a spark for this fire.

Then, when we urgently checked how other department stores and shopping malls were, it was not much different from the Daejeon outlet where the fire occurred.

Reporter Park Ye-rin covered the story.


A shopping mall in Seoul.

The trucks are unloading and the loading docks are full.

The same goes for nearby shopping malls.

Paper boxes of clothing are stacked taller than adults.

Boxes of various items are placed in the basement of another shopping mall, around the freight elevator.

The fire at Daejeon's Hyundai Outlet is presumed to have been triggered by the boxes piled up in the underground loading dock.

[Lee Young-joo/Professor of Fire and Disaster Prevention Department, Seoul National University: When storing or stacking a lot of things, there are a lot of combustible materials, so those things increase the fire load…


According to the Framework Act on Firefighting, cotton for clothes, rubber for shoe soles, and paper boxes containing the contents are all classified as 'special inflammables' when they exceed a certain amount.

This means that it is a material that spreads quickly and is difficult to extinguish.

However, for these special combustibles, mark the 'handling of fire'

[Sejin In/Professor, Department of Fire Safety, Woosong University: Using a type of sprinkler that can suppress early and very strongly.

Slightly strengthening the smoke and re-smoke facilities.

I made something like a fire compartment...


It's also a problem that most shopping malls or department stores are underground.

[Lee Young-joo/Professor of Fire and Disaster Prevention Department, Seoul National University: When smoke is on the ground floor, it is naturally emitted to some extent, and access and activities of the fire brigade itself are quite limited (if it is underground).

People evacuation and other situations...


An industry official explained, "There is only underground parking lot where trucks can approach and unload goods in large quantities due to the structure of the shopping mall."

With this fire as an opportunity, it seems that safety measures for the underground loading dock are necessary.

(Video coverage: Ji-Hoon Yang, Video editing: Tae-Ho Yoon, CG: Seong-Yong Hong, VJ: Jun-Young Lee)

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