The Ministry of Justice and the National Assembly competed in the Constitutional Court over whether the legislation that reduced the prosecution's investigative powers was justified.

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, who came out in person, emphasized that he did not comply with the constitutional procedure, but the National Assembly refuted that the Justice Minister was not qualified to make a claim.

Correspondent Park Chan-geun.


The Constitutional Court is lined with wreaths of support for the Attorney General.

Attorney General Han Dong-hoon, who was named on the list of claimants arguing that the law to reduce the prosecution's investigative powers is unconstitutional, appeared in person at the public hearing.

[Han Dong-hoon / Minister of Justice: If the Constitutional Court allows this, no matter who becomes the majority in the future, this kind of abnormal legislation is like the universal cheat of the majority party...


Together with former Constitutional Court Justice Kang Il-won, a representative of the Ministry of Justice, the National Assembly procedurally argued that it was unconstitutional, saying that the National Assembly had destroyed the institutional mechanism for minority opinions by disguisedly leaving the party and splitting the session.

He also emphasized that the right to object to the complainant will be abolished, leading to harm to the public.

On the constitutional side of the National Assembly, the adjudication on authority dispute is a procedure to seek the judgment of the Constitutional Court when a state institution has infringed upon its authority by another institution. He claimed that he did not qualify for a claim.

[Jang Joo-young / Attorney (Representative of the National Assembly): The authority itself (of the Minister of Justice) was not violated either.

(Prosecution) There is no reason for the investigation power to be weakened and there is no reason to cause harm to the people...


The legislative process was just as it was based on an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, and the National Assembly argued that Rep. Min Hyung-bae's 'disguised withdrawal' was an act in accordance with the convictions of the National Assembly and in accordance with the principle of free delegation.

After reviewing the content of the pleadings, the Constitutional Court makes a decision to cite or dismiss the claim with the consent of at least 5 out of 9 judges.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)