Whether or not to detain former Gyeonggi-do Peace Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young, who is suspected of receiving bribes from the Ssangboll Group, will be decided as early as today (27th).

Let's go to court.

Reporter Ji-wook Kim, did you get the results of the warrant substantive examination?


Yes, the court has not yet made a decision.

The warrant review for former Lieutenant Governor Lee Hwa-young has been going on for nearly three hours since this morning.

The former lieutenant governor, who had previously appeared in court, met with her reporters and denied her allegations.

Even after resigning as an outside director of Ssangboll in 2018, former Lieutenant Governor Lee is accused of receiving and using corporate cards and vehicles from the SsangBul group.

Prosecutors insisted that arrest was necessary based on the statements of SsangBall employees that "the former deputy governor's corporate card was managed separately" during the substantive examination of the warrant.


Reporter Kim, is there anything new today?


Yes, this is what the prosecution revealed in court where the former Lieutenant Governor Lee used the corporate card in question.

Prosecutors claimed that they used expensive home appliances, cell phone bills, and even the former lieutenant governor's daughter to order food for delivery.

Prosecutors even raised suspicions of preferential treatment last year, claiming that the son of the former lieutenant governor was employed at one of SsangBall's affiliates as a prospective graduate.

It is known that the former deputy governor Lee refuted these allegations as not true.

As former Lieutenant Governor Lee is a close aide to Democratic Party Chairman Lee Jae-myung, the decision on whether to arrest him as early as tonight is expected to become a watershed in the prosecution's investigation into the suspicion of the Ssangbangbang group.

(Video coverage: Hyung Yoon, Video editing: Chunbae Park)