Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for former Democratic Party Secretary-General Lee Jeong-geun on charges of receiving large sums of money along with various solicitations from a businessman.

Former Vice-Chancellor Lee claimed that it was borrowed money, but partially admitted that the businessman who gave the money was for the purpose of solicitation.

Correspondent Kim Kwan-jin on the sidewalk.

<Reporter> This

is a recording of a conversation inside the vehicle in November 2020 between a businessman and a driver, Mr. Park, who gave money to Lee Jung-geun, former vice-president of the Democratic Party.

There is a conversation going on about the need for a response for the promotion of KOSPO employee A to an executive.

[Businessman Park Mo: The president did that (announcement) today, but A is not even nearby.

He does 1, 2, 3, etc...


[Driver: I don't have time, so I'll have to put it on and use my hands.

If you can't even get there, it's over...


Prosecutors confirmed that Mr. Park handed over 1.10 billion won for about two years from the end of 2019, along with various requests, such as delivering tens of millions of won to former Vice-Chancellor Lee in the name of Mr. A's request for personnel management. A prior arrest warrant has been requested for former Vice-Chancellor Lee on charges of mediation under the Special Act.

Prosecutors found that former Vice-Chancellor Lee received money not only for supplying public institutions or requesting personnel from public companies, but also for helping with licensing and licensing of the mask business run by Mr. Park's acquaintance.

Former Vice-Chancellor Lee was also accused of receiving hundreds of millions of won for the cost of the National Assembly election in February of last year.

In the meantime, both businessman Park and former Vice-Chancellor Lee have claimed that the money was borrowed and received, but it is reported that the prosecution recently secured a statement that the money was given from Mr.

Former Vice-Chancellor Lee argued that all he had to do was request various complaints after Mr. Park lent a large amount of money to the account in exchange for a favor.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)