Self-employed people who are struggling with high prices and high interest rates are crying twice to some customers who refund food prices after cheating that there are foreign substances in the food.

Mr. A, who runs a snack shop in Seo-gu, Incheon, said that on the 21st, he was deceived by his customer's lie and had an absurd incident of refunding all food prices.

CCTV footage inside the store showed the customer pulling out the group's hair and putting it in a food bowl and protesting to the staff.

After hearing about the situation, Mr. A, who had a suspicious thought, looked at the CCTV video and found out that it was a self-made play by the guests.

As in the case of Mr. A, CCTV can be viewed at the store, but there is a limit to the delivery of food.

In the online community for self-employed people, there are many self-helpful responses saying, 'It's easy to get a refund and forget it'.

Intentionally inserting foreign substances into normal food and requesting a refund is fraudulent and may constitute a crime of fraud under the Criminal Act.