<Anchor> The

victims of the sudden fire were neighbors who worked hard every day.

A father who had lost a child, a younger brother who had lost his older brother was at a loss for words.

Some bereaved families also said they would not hold a funeral until the cause of the fire was determined.

Next is TJB reporter Lee Soo-bok.

<Reporter> At the time of

the Daejeon Hyundai Outlet fire, the burial place of a 35-year-old logistics and transport driver found dead in the west of the underground parking lot.

The funeral hall was empty with no one coming and going, and there was only silence.

Hearing the news of his son's death, the father rushed to the door and never dreamed that the last call ten days ago would be.

[The late Chae-mo's father: Because the family is not wealthy even if I try to do it myself, I went around department stores called department stores in Daejeon, worked part-time in the parking lot, and did everything…


33-year-old Mo Lee, who worked in the Hyundai Outlet disaster prevention room and managed firefighting facilities.

Mr. Lee, who succeeded in joining the company five months ago by obtaining firefighting-related licenses, was caught in a fire about an hour before leaving the office and suffered a bowel movement.

[Family of the late Mr. Lee: It was a job that required a license.

as a full-time employee

So I studied hard, passed and got a job.]

While the burial places of other victims were set up one after another, a joint incense burner was also built at the scene of the fire.

Another deceased, 65-year-old Lee's younger brother, shed tears as he said he had been playing a de facto father role, such as raising three children by riding a deep-sea fishing boat since he was a child.

[The late Lee Mo's younger brother: I only got help from my brother.

My brother just went through hardship.]

The funerals of the three victims who had a funeral home were scheduled for tomorrow.

However, some family members of the victims say they will not hold a funeral until the exact cause is determined.

In the midst of this, President Yoon Seok-yeol also visited the scene of the accident and met with the bereaved family at the joint incense burner, promising to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and take measures to prevent recurrence.

(Video coverage: Choi Woon-gi TJB, Park Geum-sang TJB)

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