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victims were mostly employees of subcontractors or subcontractors.

Let's go to the current fire scene at this time.

Reporter Lee Yong-shik, the damage was very great.

Is the search operation still going on?


Yes, I am at the entrance to the underground parking lot of Daejeon Hyundai Outlet, where the fire broke out. 

It has been about 5 hours since the fire was completely turned off, but there is still a strong smoke leaking out of this place, making it difficult to breathe.

The search operation is still ongoing.

The fire department is carefully examining the underground parking lot in case there is another missing person.

However, there have been no further rescues or reports of missing persons yet.

Of the seven previously found dead, four were found near the sanitation rest area, garbage disposal and loading docks, and the last three were found together in a freight elevator. 

Fire officials believed he had suffocated while escaping.

These were facilities, logistics, garbage service workers, and beautification workers, all of whom were subcontractors or outsourced workers.

It appears that the accident occurred while going to work early in the morning for logistics and unloading before the store opened. 

In particular, it is regrettable that a man in his 30s who took a picture and sent it to a colleague saying that there was a fire in the basement while working on logistics together was found dead after losing contact.

[Fire-site witness: There was one person next to me, and that friend said 'Let's go' and I said let's go.

I was only thinking about going up the emergency stairs, so I couldn't think of what would come next.]

One disaster prevention room employee was isolated during an evacuation broadcast, and was found to be in cardiac arrest, and now breathing has returned.

However, it is still said that he is unconscious.

The fire first started near the loading dock, but there appears to be no sign of an explosion, fire officials said.

The joint inspection of firefighting and police, KEPCO, etc. will start tomorrow (27th) at 10:00 am. 

We plan to keep all possibilities open and investigate.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun, Kim Min-cheol, Park Geum-sang TJB, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)