Hyundai Department Store Group Chairman Jeong Ji-sun apologized today (26th) in relation to the fire accident at the Hyundai Premium Outlet Daejeon, saying, "I feel a heavy sense of responsibility."

Chairman Jung said in a statement released at the scene of the accident today, "I offer my deepest condolences and apologies to the deceased and their bereaved families who died in this accident."

He said, "I bow my head and apologize to the staff and local residents who are hospitalized due to the fire accident," and prayed for the recovery of the hospitalized staff and the safe return of the missing.

Chairman Jung also said, "I feel a heavy sense of responsibility for this accident," and promised that "we will cooperate with the relevant authorities as much as possible to solve the accident and find out the exact cause."

He emphasized again that he will faithfully take part in investigations such as the police and fire departments and will not evade any responsibility.

At 7:45 am today, four people have been killed in a fire at Hyundai Premium Outlet in Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, and the fire department is searching for the two missing.

(Photo = Yonhap News)