Not long ago, a man in his 40s was caught trying to kidnap a teenage girl by threatening him with a knife in an elevator in an apartment building, but the court dismissed the arrest warrant, causing controversy.

After that, additional investigations continued, and the police applied for an arrest warrant again as the man was also accused of illegal filming. 

Correspondent Suwon-wook.


On the 7th, Mr. A was urgently arrested by the police on charges of threatening to kidnap a teenage girl living in the same apartment with a knife, but met another resident and failed.

At that time, the court rejected the arrest warrant requested by the police, saying that there is no fear of committing a crime again or escaping.

[Father of victim student: My extremities were trembling.

How can I protect what the state can't help me...


As the Korean Women's Bar Association issued a statement, the police investigation continued amid growing controversy over the court's decision.

[Attorney Kim Young-mi / Public Affairs Director of the Korean Women's Bar Association: I have no choice but to live with the fear and anxiety that I may encounter the perpetrator at any time.


Through a reinforcement investigation, the police decided to apply the charge of 'attempted abduction for the purpose of molestation', which is heavier than the existing 'attempt to abduct a minor'.

In particular, as a result of forensic examination of cell phones, it was also confirmed that Mr. A was keeping illegally filmed photos of women and sexual exploitation of children outdoors without consent.

Today (26th), the police re-applied for an arrest warrant for A on four charges.

The date of the warrant substantive examination is expected to be decided tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

(Video editing: Lee Jung-taek)