A chicken restaurant that ordered one chicken and refused to divide it into three flavors suffered a star rating attack.

Then the chicken restaurant owner also disclosed the customer's requirements.

This is a review of a chicken restaurant delivery app posted on an online community.

I have 1 star left.

In response, the owner of the chicken restaurant expressed his injustice by revealing what kind of request the customer made in the comments.

This customer said that he initially ordered one chicken and then ordered it to be available in three flavors.

When I canceled the order, I called and asked the reason, and explained that 'in the manual of the headquarters, there is no case of making three menus by dividing one animal.

As a result, the customer re-ordered the half and half chicken menu and requested a separate sauce for the container.

The president provided the food after re-informing that the sauce was not separately packaged, and the customer later left a one-star rating on the delivery app.

It is said that obstruction of business may be established if damage is caused to business, such as placing unreasonable orders and terrorizing star ratings.