I've seen a lot of articles about singer Yoo Seung-jun's visa issuance and the court's request that the court ask Yoo to sort out his nationality identity.

Yesterday (22nd), the Seoul High Court held the first hearing of the appeal against Yoo's refusal to issue passports and visas, mainly against the Los Angeles Consulate General.

Yoo mentioned the 'basic rights of foreigners' in the reason for appeal.

The court pointed out, "The plaintiff's words are a bit strange, but he's not a 'complete foreigner'," and asked whether he was a foreigner, a foreign national, or both.

The purpose is to collect opinions as there may be differences in the method of applying the Overseas Koreans Act depending on whether Mr. Yoo is considered a foreigner or an overseas Korean legally.

The court also asked the Consulate General of Los Angeles to provide a legal interpretation of what differences and commonalities in terms of legal regulation between 'foreigners' under the Immigration Control Act and 'overseas Koreans' under the Overseas Koreans Act.