As you can see, the typhoon is hitting Japan directly, but how is the situation compared to us?

Let's go from Jeju.

JIBS Reporter Taein Kim, how is Jeju now?


Yes, I am in the Jeju Port area right now.

As the 14th typhoon Nanmadol headed north, strong winds blew all over Jeju all day today, and raindrops fell in some places.

In particular, there is a possibility that the strong wind warning issued across Jeju will be strengthened as a strong wind warning in the future.

The path of the typhoon was more eastward than originally expected.

Jeju Island is not expected to fall within the direct impact zone of the typhoon, but it will be indirectly affected by the closest typhoon tomorrow around 4 am.

Although it is said to be an indirect effect, the strong winds and winds of the typhoon are expected to reach 400 km.

In particular, there will be strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 35 m/s, and very high waves of up to 10 m will hit the sea where a typhoon warning has been issued.

When the typhoon is closest, there is a possibility that it will be a storm surge.

Up to 60mm of rain per hour may fall in some places until dawn tomorrow.

Nearly 2,000 ships have been evacuated from major port ports in Jeju due to the typhoon news, and all passenger ships to and from Jeju are currently cut off.

Flights continue to operate with the exception of some advance cancellations, but depending on weather conditions, additional confirmation of delays or cancellations must be made until tomorrow morning.

The Jeju Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters has issued a second stage of emergency and is strengthening patrols and inspections in areas of concern.

(Video coverage: Kang Hyo-seop JIBS)