A text message from POSCO is becoming a hot topic.

POSCO Pohang Works, which was damaged by flooding due to typhoon Hinnamno, at 1.25 million won per day, even sent a job offer letter of 1.25 million won per day for emergency recovery over the Chuseok holiday.

On the first day of Chuseok holiday, a text message with the title 'Request for repair manpower support for emergency recovery at Pohang Works' spread online.

In the message, it is written that 'Electrical equipment restoration is urgently needed, but it is difficult to normalize the factory due to the lack of manpower supply during the holidays.'

There were some suspicions that it was a so-called smishing text message, but it was confirmed that the text message was actually sent by POSCO.

It is said that an engineer in charge of electrical maintenance is needed, but it is said that the number of employees was raised because it overlapped with the holidays. The industry has estimated it to reach 50 billion won.