There are people who are excited to go home or travel for Chuseok, but this holiday is harder than ever and saddened by neighbors.

Those who have recently lost their families due to a typhoon, and those who have lost their homes and have to spend holidays in temporary shelters.

Let's connect Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, where the typhoon suffered the most.

Reporter Jeong-eun Shin, the people of the Pohang area must be really heartbroken. Is the place you are currently in a temporary shelter for victims?


This is Daesong-myeon, Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

It was a place that suffered a lot of flood damage due to the low land, but now it is difficult to film inside, but the victims who are using this place as a temporary shelter expressed their feelings of despair.

Let's hear it.

[Pilnam Kang / Jaemin Lee: The house is being cleaned right now, everything.

Even if I can't go home, I have to endure it.]

[Yoon Tae-wan/Lee Jae-min's family: I can't even afford it.

Chuseok is.

I can't even dream of Chuseok.

Not just one or two houses, but the entire village was submerged in water.

There is only one way to recover quickly.]

About 1,000 people were affected in the Pohang area, and 77 shelters were prepared.


I hope you all do your best.

And reporter Shin Jeong-eun also toured the restoration work site during the day, and please tell us about it as well.


Our reporters visited Daesong-myeon, where they first came the day before (the 6th), and covered it all day today, but the scars left by the typhoon were still full.

We will explain it together with a video.

It was a two-day return to the village that had become a muddy field due to river flooding.

Household items became muddy and piled up in the alley.

Pohang Daesong-myeon was particularly damaged.

A temporary shelter has been prepared for the victims here at the welfare center, and there are countless flooded vehicles tangled along the way.

The victims sleep in 35 tents, and during the day they work to restore them, but there is no promise as to when they will be able to stay at home.

[Seo Jeong-won/Lee Jae-min: I can't do a job like myself and I can't walk properly because I'm not good at it, so there are only 3 people like that, and they all went home.

To help (repair) his house.]

When I went to the address given by Seo Jung-won, the whole family was busy cleaning out the house.

[Seo Dong-gyo/Lee ​​Jae-min's family: I took out all the sheets and removed all the pearls from the inside.

My brother-in-law, my nephew, my mother, my family...


If you don't have a family to help with, you'll have to wait patiently for someone to help you with the recovery.

[Lee Seok-dol/Lee Jae-min: There is nothing other than that to come and help.

The soldiers said they would finish it again, so they're here.]

[If you tell me what needs to be taken out, we will all…


What can I take out?]

The food that I prepared for the family I haven't seen in a long time after celebrating Chuseok has also been thrown out due to the power cut off.

[Kim Deok-soon / Lee Jae-min: Buy fish, beef, and octopus.

Buy some head meat.

You have to throw it all away.]

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun, Video editing: Choi Eun-jin·Lee Seung-jin)

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