In Incheon, reports were received one after another that middle school students had their peers pay for electric scooters instead of them, or they pretended they were assaulted to get the settlement money, and the police launched an investigation.

At around 1 am on the 6th, a complaint was recently received by the police that two middle school students, including a 14-year-old group A, assaulted a junior group B on a roadside in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon.

Group B's father claimed, "Group A and others borrowed an electric scooter in the name of Army B and then moved from Bupyeong-gu to Gyeyang-gu together."

The amended Road Traffic Act stipulates that only holders of a driver's license with a class 2 motor vehicle license or higher can drive personal mobility devices such as electric kickboards.

However, there is no legal standard for compulsory license inspection by electric scooter sharing companies, and there are many cases where the certification system is weak, so young people drive without a license frequently.

As in the case of Group B, it is sometimes used as a means of school violence, such as having to pay for the use of an electric kickboard or forcibly riding a kickboard around to create anxiety.

Group A and others are also being sued for receiving settlement money after forcing them to hit another middle school student on the roadside in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon on the 10th.

The police have received complaints from the parents of the victims and are investigating the circumstances of the incident.