21 years ago, the police arrested a suspect who killed a security company employee with a pistol in a parking lot at a Kookmin Bank in Daejeon and ran away with 300 million won in cash.

As a representative long-term unsolved case that was also covered in SBS 'I want to know', the Daejeon Police Agency's unsolved case team succeeded in arresting the suspect.

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'21 years of US imperialism' Daejeon Kookmin Bank Robbery Murder?

At 10 am on December 21, 2001, the underground parking lot of Kookmin Bank Dunsan Branch in Seo-gu, Daejeon.

There has been a bank robbery in the middle of the city, where a cash truck is attacked.

A gang wearing a mask appeared in a black car, stole a bag of 300 million won from the bank employees, and shot a 43-year-old Mo Kim, who was in charge of the cash drawer at the time.

Kim suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

The police investigation revealed that the gun used by the criminal was the same caliber 38 pistol that the police seized in Songchon-dong two months ago.

At that time, the masked gang did not leave fingerprints and showed meticulousness by tinting the car windows in several layers.

Based on eyewitness testimony at the time, the police only assumed that it was a young man and failed to identify the culprit.

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The following year, three suspects, including a man in his 20s, who claimed to be the culprit, were arrested, but the arrest warrant was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, arguing that it was a false confession by police torture during the court's substantive examination of the warrant.

"The statute of limitations remains" Police briefing on the 1st of next month

Originally, the statute of limitations on this case was due to expire in 2016.

However, in 2015, with the revision of the Criminal Procedure Act to extend the statute of limitations for murder cases indefinitely, the so-called 'Taewani Act', the statute of limitations was abolished for murder cases that occurred after August 2000, including the 'Daejeon Kookmin Bank Robbery Murder Case'. .

It is known that the police, who formed a team dedicated to the unsolved case and continued the investigation, identified the person who matched the genetic information at the scene of the incident and arrested the suspect after 21 years.

The warrant substantive examination for them is being held at the Daejeon District Court from 2 pm today (27th).

The party is said to be denying the crime during a police investigation.

The Daejeon Police Agency plans to hold a briefing on the incident on the 1st of next month.