Inflation is rising and interest rates are rising because of that, and taxi fares are expected to rise sooner or later.

At the earliest, by the end of this year, the basic fare for taxis in Seoul will rise to the mid-4,000 won level, and the late-night surcharge will be applied to 10 pm at the earliest.

For more details, reporter Nam Jung-min delivers.


Running here and there, late at night, there is a battle for catching a taxi in downtown Seoul.

As the taxi ride problem has not been resolved, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is pushing to raise fares.

The increase is at least 20%, and it is the result of cost analysis by applying factors such as inflation, fuel cost, labor cost, and improvement in treatment.

If this happens, the basic taxi fare will jump from the current 3,800 won to the mid 4,000 won range.

A plan to adjust the late-night surcharge system for taxis has also been prepared.

The late-night surcharge, which starts at 12 pm, will be moved forward from 10 pm, and the premium rate will be increased to 40% during peak hours from 11 pm to 2 am, when passengers are the most.

In this case, the basic rate at night is 5,400 won, and during peak hours at night, it is about 6,400 won.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government believes that it will be difficult to fundamentally resolve the taxi turmoil without raising fares.

Even after taking late-night transportation measures such as lifting the subtitle of private taxis from last April, the number of taxis is still less than before Corona by about 5,000 due to the lack of drivers.

[Ahn Ki-jeong / Research Fellow, Seoul Research Institute: In order to attract young people, treatment must be sufficiently improved and guaranteed.

It's a story that can't be answered by adjusting the rate to the level that we've been doing little by little.]

The biggest challenge is to get the public's consensus.

[Kwon Won-hee / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I think it will be okay if the price goes up a little if you catch it well.

I think it would be better to go home early.]

[Lee Hoon-i/Jongno-gu, Seoul: Prices are all going up, but taxi fares are also going up…

I don't think I'll take a taxi.]

The Seoul taxi fare increase plan will be finalized after a public hearing on the 5th of next month and the opinion of the city council, after going through the Inflation Countermeasures Deliberation Committee.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)