Foreigners and brokers who worked illegally in the entertainment and massage industries were caught.

The Ministry of Justice announced today (19th) that as a result of intensive crackdowns for two months from last June, a total of 887 foreigners, brokers, and employers, including foreigners, who worked illegally in the entertainment and massage industries, were caught.

A total of 642 foreigners were illegally employed, of which 3 were arrested and 600 were deported.

Illegal entry and employment brokers caught a total of 11 people, arrested two, and handed over the rest to the prosecution without detention.

Illegal employers also caught 234 people and sent 13 to the prosecution, and 210 people were notified.

The Ministry of Justice explained that it has intensively cracked down on negative prostitution business practices such as massage parlors, officetels, business trip massages, and host bars where foreigners who entered the country by exploiting the visa exemption system are working illegally.

From September to October, the Ministry of Justice plans to intensively crack down on foreigners who work illegally in the courier/delivery rider industry, foreigners who operate illegal taxis using cannon trucks, foreigners who leave seasonal work, and brokers who arrange illegal employment for international students.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)