Apple's iPhone's voice assistant Siri is causing controversy by giving an absurd answer to the question 'Who's land is Dokdo?'

The cyber diplomacy mission VANK launched Siri and said that if you ask 'Who's land is Dokdo', it will link to websites written with the titles '13 Reasons why Dokdo is not Korean territory' and '13 Reasons why Dokdo is Japanese territory'.

'Thirteen Reasons Why Dokdo Is Not Korean Land' is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, a post posted on Namoo Wiki.

'13 Reasons Why Dokdo is Japanese Land' is also an article posted on the free bulletin board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002. Vank said, 'It is a problem to announce important information about Korea such as Dokdo with information from an open encyclopedia, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides correct information. He said that he would send a letter of protest and correction request soon, pointing out that it is a big problem to post data that was posted on the bulletin board 20 years ago.

Earlier, Apple Siri provided distorted information about 'Japanese Empire Joseon' to the question 'Please tell me about Korea', but it was corrected after receiving complaints.