A middle-aged man was violently assaulted at the words of a part-time worker at a convenience store who asked him to wear a mask.

It is known that the victim suffered significant physical and mental damage, such as a torn mouth from the assault.

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A woman in her 20s, who works part-time at a convenience store in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, asked a middle-aged man, B, who wore a mask on his chin, to "wear a mask" while working at around 7:10 pm on the 16th.

However, Mr. B did not listen to Mr. A and continued to say "Give me a cigarette" in a semi-verbal language, and Mr. A again asked to wear her mask.

Then, infuriated by this, Mr. B hurriedly entered the counter where Mr. A was located and smashed Mr. A in the face with her right fist.

Mr. B is said to have swung her fists so hard that immediately after assaulting Mr. A, she said, 'Your back of my hand is bleeding.'

After a while, Mr. A, who came to her senses, pressed her convenience store emergency button and called the police, and the police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested Mr. B as a current offender.

This scene was captured in the CCTV of the convenience store.

As a result of the hospital diagnosis, it was found that Mr. A's mouth was torn due to Mr. B's assault, and 5 stitches were stitched.

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Person A said, "After Mr. B said something like, 'Do you look down on you, do you look easy?' and immediately went inside the counter and assaulted him. “If I had given him a cigarette, this wouldn’t have happened.”

He continued, "At the time, Mr. B said to me, 'Wipe some blood, but I'm sorry,' but I didn't feel the sincerity