A man in his 50s who ran away after stabbing a person on the street in Gwangju was arrested by the police.

The two victims were receiving treatment at the hospital, but they had no acquaintance with the person who committed the crime.

KBC reporter Koo Young-seul covered the story.


A man wearing a hat and a mask leisurely crosses the crosswalk.

An hour later, a man wandering his streets appears with a weapon in his left hand.

He watches behind the scenes of two men in their 60s and follows them.

The two men who entered the building like this to go to the billiard room on the 3rd floor were beaten by the assailant who followed them, defenseless, without knowing English.

The man who suddenly jumped at the men in their 60s and wielded a weapon immediately fled through the back door of the building.

[Eyewitness: They said that they did not know each other at all.

He is uneasy because he was stabbed with a knife.

I wonder if something like this will happen again next time.]

Two men stabbed with a knife were taken to the hospital, and fortunately, it was confirmed that there was no life-threatening injury.

The 55-year-old man who committed the crime was urgently arrested by the police in the waiting room of Gwangju Songjeong Station around 3:10 pm the next day (18th).

Police are investigating the exact motive for the crime against the man, but it is known that the man is refusing to make a statement.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-soo KBC)