Controversy has arisen for including the Japanese Shinkansen in the content produced by the National Railways on the occasion of Liberation Day.

On the 15th, the National Railroad Corporation posted a card news-type content on its official SNS to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Liberation Day.

With the Taegeukgi in the background, there was an article saying, 'On Liberation Day, I want to tell the story of a railroad that has become a symbol of modernization from a means of plundering'.

At the bottom, there were images of Mugunghwa and a train.

The problem is that the picture of this train is a Japanese high-speed train Shinkansen.

Netizens who saw this poured out criticisms such as 'why there are so many trains such as KTX, SRT, Mugunghwa, etc., why is it a Shinkansen?'

In response to a series of criticisms, the Korea Railroad Corporation said in a comment, 'We apologize for the inconvenience of posting without checking it thoroughly,' and 'I will try to fix it as soon as possible.' known to be

The Korea Railroad Corporation also issued an apology, but a chill response continued over the delayed response.