In Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, there have been two accidents in which beer bottles spilled from a running truck in the past two months.

Last 12 days.

Dozens of beer boxes are spilled on the road from a truck passing through a road in Chuncheon.

Fortunately, the roads were cleared up in less than an hour as nearby citizens stepped forward.

Earlier in June, on another road in Chuncheon, there was a similar accident in which a beer bottle was spilled from a truck turning left.

According to police, both drivers were identified as the same person.

It is also said that the driver, who caused the accident in succession, made a remark to this effect at the second accident site, saying, 'If you receive a penalty point this time as well as the last time', the police said the driver was charged with violating the duty to prevent a load from falling. I gave the order.

Earlier, after the accident in June, the driver was fined 50,000 won and 10 demerit points on the same charge.