Regarding the death of the late Sergeant Ye-Ram Lee, in November last year, the Military Human Rights Center, a civic group, released a transcript of the conversations between military prosecutors, saying that the Chief Justice of the Air Force led the investigation.

However, during the special prosecutor's investigation, it was confirmed that this transcript and the transcript that served as the basis for the transcript had been tampered with, and the lawyer who made the report was arrested. 

This is reporter Han So-hee.


[Tae-Hoon Lim/Director of the Military Human Rights Center (November last year): The Military Human Rights Center obtained specific evidence related to such an investigation and exposed it in front of reporters today.] The

Military Human Rights Center reported from somewhere in November last year .

These are transcripts of conversations between military prosecutors that were released saying they received them.

It is a conversation between military prosecutors that we have to live with full courtesy when we go out.

The Military Human Rights Center claimed that this was the basis for substantiating the allegations of refusal of investigation by Chief Justice Jeon Ik-soo of the Air Force.

The military judges appearing in the transcript denied that they had ever had such a conversation during the special prosecutor's investigation, and the conversation recording file that served as the basis for the transcript was allegedly created by a TTS device, a text-to-speech program.

The special prosecutor's team arrested Kim Mo, a former Air Force solicitor who made recordings and transcripts and handed them to the military human rights center, on charges of forgery of evidence.

Director Jeon Ik-soo claimed that it was presumed that a person who was discharged after being disciplined for other misconduct while serving in the Air Force made a false report, but the special prosecutor did not comment on the motive for manipulating the conversation log.

Lawyer Kim, who was arrested, only replied to SBS reporters that they were investigating the facts.

From the point of view of the special prosecutor's team, which is supposed to resolve the allegations of poor investigation, the main basis for the allegation of refusal to investigate has been torn down.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)