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A court has sentenced a 40-year-old father who was put on trial for abusing his three children for about nine years, a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

According to the legal community today (16th), the 4th detective (Judge Kim Dae-hyun) of the Daegu District Court sentenced A (41), who was charged with violating the Child Welfare Act and property damage, to 8 months in prison and 2 years of probation, and protected He ordered observation, 120 hours of child abuse prevention training, and restrictions on employment at child-related organizations for three years.

Mr. A was handed over to trial for physically and emotionally abusing his three children a total of 15 times from 2012 to September last year.

He was investigated in 2014 when his then-nine-year-old daughter broke her peach bone by beating her leg several times for lying.

In 2016, two daughters, aged 11 and 7, were found to have committed an abusive act, such as putting their heads in a 60 cm bucket of water and spraying water on their faces with the shower.

Last year, he was found to have slapped his wife and daughter in the cheek and cut their hair with scissors while bringing his runaway daughter.

In addition, it is known that the son tried to put his face in a bucket of water by grabbing the neck because of bad behavior such as slamming the bathroom door hard, or trying to hit the head with a bottle of soju.

The court pointed out that "the means and methods of the crime are harsh enough to not be seen as part of normal discipline, and the quality of the crime is not good."

However, “the fact that the accused admits and reflects on most of the crimes, two of the victims want the accused to return to their home, and it is difficult to believe that it is difficult for the younger siblings to be protected in a facility for a long period of time in line with their welfare. When the accused is detained, we have taken into account the fact that there is no one to support the victims.”