A much more life-saving use than we thought.

According to a recent study, the Apple Watch would be able to detect a heart attack occurring in its wearer, reports



The study, conducted by American researchers and published on August 4 in the

Texas Heart Institute Journal

, confirms this medical capacity of the connected watch from Apple.

Models ranging from Series 4 to Series 7 are affected, due to the sensors they have.

Several lives already saved

Indeed, electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors record the wearer's heart rate.

The researchers confirm that the detection of a heart attack (or myocardial infarction) can thus be made at a very early stage, as soon as the first symptoms appear.

The study follows several incidents in which the victim's Apple Watch enabled either his rescue or the diagnosis of a disease hitherto unseen.

According to scientists, the ECG sensors of the connected watch should also soon be able to detect heart pump failure, another heart disease.

The high-tech accessory obviously cannot be enough to diagnose such a disease.

If the Apple Watch can alert on a heart failure or abnormality, it must be confirmed by a doctor, who has much more precise tools to measure them.

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