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26 years ago, at a university hospital in Seoul, the absurd thing happened that the gene of a son obtained through an in vitro procedure did not match the genes of his father.

In 1996, couple A had a difficult time having a son through an in vitro procedure.

The couple, who were raising their beloved son, wondered when they heard the child's blood type during a pediatric examination a few years later.

Mr. A and his wife are both type B, because their son's blood type was confirmed as type A.

The couple inquired at the university hospital, and the doctor in charge, Professor B, presented overseas research cases and explained that the son's blood type case was a 'mutation'.

Mr. A and Mrs. A trusted Professor B's words, and as time passed and their son became an adult, the couple asked the hospital for related data to explain the reason for the different blood types to their son.

The university hospital guided other doctors saying that the doctor in charge, Professor B, had retired, but the doctor heard the situation and said, "It is difficult to intervene. I will convey my opinion to Professor B."

After that, couple A contacted Professor B, but the contact did not reach them, and the couple, who became frustrated, filed a complaint with the hospital on February 25th.

However, the hospital also did not come up with an answer, and in the end, couple A conducted a genetic test in July.

As a result of the genetic test, it was found that the son's gene matched only one of the genes of Mr. A.

The mother is the biological mother, but the father is not the biological father.

The couple looked into the lawsuit because there was a possibility that there was a problem during the in vitro procedure, but there were many legal opinions that it would be difficult to win because the statute of limitations was 10 years from the day they knew the child's blood type.

The couple said, "I have inquired about Korea Consumer Agency, Korea Legal Aid Corporation, and law firms, but they don't even listen to the end.

He continued, "I regret so much that I trusted the doctor's words 20 years ago. I can't understand how they make such a mistake and only think about covering it up by hurting them."