A long-term, one-man protester accompanied by swearing and noise for over three months in Pyongsan Village, where former President Moon Jae-in's private residence is located, even threatened the former President and his wife, who were walking.

On the 15th, Liberation Day, a long-term one-person protester in Pyeongsan Village threatened the former President Moon and his wife who went for a walk in the village.

The former president and his wife, Moon, went out for a walk in Pyeongsan Village for the first time since leaving office the evening before.

At this time, it is known that Mr. A approached former President Moon and First Lady Kim Jeong-suk, who were walking with the bodyguard, and threatened them with insulting remarks such as "I crawl out of nowhere without fear."

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First Lady Kim Jeong-suk visited the Yangsan Police Station that night and sued A for intimidation, and the next morning (16th), Mr. A was arrested for threatening others with a weapon while holding a one-man protest in front of the former president's residence.

He is accused of intimidating people around him with an industrial cutter in front of the former president's residence in Pyeongsan Village, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, around 8:10 am today.

Police explained that Mr. A was making a fuss and swearing while preparing for a one-man demonstration in front of his brother-in-law, then pulled out an industrial cutter knife from his pocket and threatened the person in the office of the former president's door.

When the police took Mr. A to the Hebei Police Box to investigate, some members of some opposition groups rushed to the Hebuk Police Box to protest.

Person A, who has an address in Gyeonggi-do, has been commuting to and from Pyeongsan Village by renting a motel in front of Tongdosa Temple or a village near Pyeongsan Village, and has been holding a one-man protest for over three months.

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This man swears while wearing a military uniform, claiming that former President Moon made a transfer act while in office, 'a fraudulent election was held', and 'the people's freedom was taken as an excuse to prevent the spread of COVID-19', while stating 'protection of a free Republic of Korea'. These mixed, noisy protests continued.

On May 31, former President Moon Jae-in said, "It has become a matter of survival, where not only the daily lives of residents are being destroyed, but even their healthy lives are threatened."

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