Who filmed the video?

A video report came to SBS in the early morning of August 11th.

On the night of August 8, citizens rescue a man who was isolated in the semi-basement during a torrential downpour.

The video was about 3 minutes long.

It was really vivid.

This is because the scene of rescuing a man standing at the crossroads of life and death is contained from beginning to end.

"Hold on a minute!"

Sillim-dong righteous people who rescued a semi-underground isolated man

 (Review 8 news on the 11th)

This video was filmed by Na Jong-il.

At the time, Na Jong-il was passing near Jowon-ro 19-gil in Sillim-dong.

It is said that he saw people gathered from one side and approached them.

He then explains that he got to film this scene.

Na Jong-il said that he decided to report to the media because he wanted the citizens in the video to receive an award.

Several media outlets, including SBS, were able to publicize the 'righteous people on Won-ro 19-gil' to the world thanks to Na Jong-il's tip.

Na Jong-il, like other righteous people, is the one who played a big role.

What is the history of semi-underground isolation?

The reporters had a hard time meeting Lee Seung-hoon, who was isolated in the semi-underground at the time, around 3 pm on August 11th.

As the Banjiha where Lee Seung-hoon was living had been submerged in the rain, he did not have a house to live in right away, so he was living in a nearby lodging facility.

The building manager adhered to the position that Lee Seung-hoon's contact information could not be disclosed as personal information.

Instead, one of the righteous people in the video knew the number of Seung-Hoon Lee's acquaintance, and after inquiry, we were able to meet at the rescue site.

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Seunghoon Lee was at home during the record heavy rain on the night of the 8th.

He says he didn't know the situation would get this serious until rainwater got into the room.

He said he was isolated in the rain that blew in the middle of Seoul and never thought he would be able to get out.

Seung-Hoon Lee said that he raised the electric wire that had been on the floor for a while on the shelf to prevent it from getting wet.

In the meantime, when the rainwater reached my shin, I tried to open the front door, but it didn't open because of the water pressure.

The remaining escape routes were semi-underground windows.

Outside the situation was worse.

The water level outside was already submerged for human legs.

The semi-underground windows also did not open due to water pressure.

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From rapid 119 calls to communication failure

Seung-Hoon Lee first called 911.

The last night of the 8th was when several semi-subterranean houses had already been flooded, resulting in a surge in calls.

It took a long time for the rescue team to arrive.

To make matters worse, even making calls did not work well due to overlapping communication problems.

Sending a text message also took over 10 minutes.

Seung-Hoon Lee once called his father in the province and informed his co-workers about this as well.

A co-worker came to the scene in a hurry.

From that time on, he began to carry out rescue activities with the righteous 19 on Jowon-ro.

Several righteous people appear in the video of righteous swimmers.

Among them, Eun Seok-jun played a key role.

Eun Seok-jun lives in a multi-family house opposite him.

He then saw the citizens gathered nearby, and he realized that people were ringingly isolated.

The problem was that the citizens who were trying to rescue them did not know how many rooms in the semi-basement area were trapped.

So Eun Seok-jun attempts to enter the semi-underground corridor that has already been flooded with rainwater.

At that time, the common front door on the first floor did not open due to water pressure.

Instead, Eun Seok-jun climbed the exterior wall and entered through the second-floor hallway window.

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Eun Seok-jun went straight through the first floor and tried to go down to the semi-basement hallway.

Already the semi-underground stairs were submerged and almost invisible.

He had to go further inside to figure out the semi-subterranean lake.

However, the water level was so high that my feet could not reach the floor.

He eventually had to swim.

Fortunately, Eun Seok-jun knew how to swim.

He swam without delay and went inside.

If there was more rain, Eun Seok-jun's whole body could be submerged in water.

Eun checked the lake where people could hear it, realized that this was Room 103 and came out again.

Based on Eun's information, the rest of the citizens began to break the semi-underground window in Room 103.

Eun Seok-jun was there until the moment of rescue, delivering equipment even when people broke windows.

② Fire Extinguisher · Monkey Spanner

The reason Seunghoon Lee, a righteous man, was able to come out was because he broke the semi-underground window.

At that time, about four-fifths of the windows were already submerged in rainwater.

Furthermore, there is a wall right next to the semi-basement window.

The space between the window and the wall is about 70 cm.

It is not easy for citizens to put their hands in the rain and break windows.

Because it is resisted by water.

At this time, Kim Jin-hak and Kwon Woo-jae are active.

They decide to break the window using the surrounding equipment.

Woo-jae Kwon struck the window several times with a fire extinguisher.

Jinhak Kim is not broken even with a fire extinguisher, so he tries to break the window again with a monkey wrench.

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Jinhak Kim continued to hit the edge of the window, and at this point the window began to break.

Kwon Woo-jae also hit the window with a fire extinguisher incessantly.

There was a space for Seunghoon Lee, who was inside, to escape.

Seung-Hoon Lee was able to come out dramatically in a situation in which rain water was pouring down to his face.

Kim Jin-hak and Kwon Woo-jae both injured their hands while breaking windows.

Jin-Hak Kim was seriously injured, and three needles were stitched on his finger.

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Park Jong-yeon, a righteous man, was also at the forefront of the field.

Park Jong-yeon is a righteous man who rescued two people who were already isolated in the semi-underground of a multi-family house on the diagonal side.

One person each was rescued from the two semi-underground households, and Seung-Hoon Lee ran towards where he was imprisoned.

When the site became difficult to access due to the wall, CCTV footage captured it jumping over the wall in a hurry.

Park Jong-yeon, who climbed the wall, contributed to the last minute of the rescue site.

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 ④ In the video of the righteous man at work

, there is a person talking to Seung-hoon Lee, who is still isolated.

This is Seunghoon Lee's company colleague.

When Seunghoon Lee was imprisoned, he came to the scene to ask for help.

A colleague could not refuse the interview request again and again, but he is a righteous man who played a role in this rescue process.

A colleague reassured Seung-Hoon Lee by saying 'Calm down' and 'Hold on for a while' until he was rescued.

This colleague was also captured in a video of Seung-Hoon Lee's dramatic escape and hugging him.

It was also the most touching moment of the three-minute video.

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⑤ Police righteous

man There is one more righteous man who was not introduced in the SBS video.

This is Superintendent Lee Tae-eui, a police officer belonging to the Seoul Gwanak Police Station, who lives in a multi-family house across the street.

Superintendent Lee Tae-hee said that interviewing righteous people as a police officer was burdensome and asked other righteous people to be more respected.

Superintendent Lee Tae-hee and Park Jong-yeon, a righteous man on the wall, informed them to evacuate to the multi-family housing in the Jowon-ro 19-gil area.

And for those who could not get out of the ring, they broke the security window and rescued them.

When Lee Seung-hoon was rescued, he guarded the scene.

Semi-underground in heavy rain and water pressure

The danger of Banjiha was clearly exposed by this heavy rain.

On the same day, in Sillim-dong, three family members died because they could not get out of their semi-basement house.

When rainwater enters a semi-basement house, the water pressure should not be neglected.

In a space of 1 m in width and 1 m in width, when the water level rises 1 m, the weight of water is 1 ton.

As the floor area increases, the weight of the water quickly becomes 1 ton even if the water level rises slightly.

It takes a lot of force to overcome the weight of water from the inside and open the door.

Even in the semi-basement house where three members of the family died, the area of ​​the entrance hall was measured directly and it was approximately 5 square meters.

In this case, it means that even if the height of rainwater is 20 cm, the weight will be 1 ton.

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Therefore, if you are in a semi-basement house and rainwater comes in, it is best to come out first.

If rainwater does not flow quickly, it is better to leave the front door open and take other valuables.

And you should know if there are any other emergency exits besides the front door.

In semi-basement houses, windows should act as emergency exits.

In this case, the security window may become an obstacle.

Therefore, experts say that it is better to use a security window that can be dismantled from the inside.