A woman who falsely reported that she had been sexually assaulted after having consensual sex with a man she met at a pub has been sentenced to prison.

The Daegu District Court announced on the 15th that it had sentenced A (38), who was charged with innocence, to one year in prison.

Mr. A, who worked as a waitress at a pub, is accused of falsely telling the police that he was sexually assaulted by Mr. B, a man she met as her guest on July 25, 2020.

At the time, Mr. A told the police, "(B) dragged me to the motel, raped me and ran away."

Person A claimed, "At the time of sexual intercourse with Mr. B, he was in an alcohol blackout state, and after waking up, he saw the signs of sexual intercourse and thought that he was sexually assaulted, so he reported Mr. B to the police."

However, as a result of the investigation, Mr. A's claim was found to be false.

According to the verdict, on the day of the incident, 4 people, including Mr. A and Mr. B, drank for 4 hours at a music pub in Gyeongsan, then left the pub and drank alcohol and ate Gamjatang at a restaurant.

When Mr. B in the party said, "I will go to the motel and rest for a while," Mr. A followed Mr. B.

At that time, Mr. B's party suggested, "Since we are in the same direction as Mr. A, how about going home together?" Mr. A headed to the motel with Mr. B.

According to the CCTV video and the owner's statement in the motel they visited on that day, contrary to Mr. A's claim that he was intoxicated, Mr. A spoke to Mr. B normally, and until Mr. B left the motel, Mr. A was in the motel with his boyfriend. He's awake with 5 phone calls and smoking.

However, about 40 minutes after Mr. B left the motel, Mr. A suddenly reported to the police that he was "sexually assaulted."

The court said, "In many cases, the victim's statement is the only direct evidence in the investigation and trial process of a sex crime, so it is not easy for the accused to prove his innocence and there is a high possibility of serious damage." He said the reason for the sentencing was summarized.