On rainy days, it is often the case that you put an umbrella in the umbrella stand in front of a restaurant or cafe and then swap it with someone else's umbrella.

A story related to this was published online, and there were many people who had similar experiences.

On the 13th, an article was posted on the online community titled 'I caught something that is going to change an umbrella'.

It is said that the writer, who was drinking coffee with an umbrella brought from a local cafe, put an umbrella in the umbrella stand, and an old woman who packed coffee.

The author ran right away, and she shouted 'Bring an umbrella', and her aunt said 'I was confused' and quickly changed the umbrella again and left.

The author was startled, saying, 'My umbrella is green and my aunt's umbrella was a plastic umbrella'.

Netizens shared similar experiences, saying, 'There is no Korean who hasn't met an umbrella thief'. You may be fined.