In Shanghai, China, shoppers have been caught escaping to escape the COVID-19 mandatory quarantine.

On the 13th, it was an IKEA store in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and dozens of customers poured out of the store, pushing the door.

Store officials try to stop it, but to no avail.

When the Shanghai authorities tried to close the store because a 6-year-old boy who visited the store had had close contact with an asymptomatic corona infected person, some customers escaped quarantine and forcibly opened the door and escaped.

Customers who failed to escape had to be locked up in the store from 8 p.m. to midnight, and were later moved to a quarantined hotel.

Health officials say as many as 400 people have had close contact with a six-year-old boy and have ordered about 80,000 people to undergo PCR testing.