We continue with the stupid.

On the one hand, influencers making

environmental publications

while traveling halfway around the world in a private jet.

On the other,

left-wing politicians

who are extremely concerned that a monarch does not stand up at the passing of a sword.

Are we in the fight for the workers or in

Game of Thrones


If Marx raised his head...

Echenique and company have managed to get even


to end up applauded on Twitter, an artist who since his version of Nirvana's "Come as you are" was little less than persona non grata on the little blue bird's network.

Of course, the star of the week has been


, who wanted to play along with the false mayor of Kiev so much that he ended up calling Russian citizens living in Madrid bastards and announcing his collaboration in the deportation of exiled Ukrainians.


Meanwhile, we continue to fight in the summer heat as best we can.

The best thing is to read tweets as refreshing as these.

Be good.

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