The 17th, who was buried at the Hapdong Cemetery in Suyuri Liberation Army in Seoul, passed away at the National Cemetery 77 years after liberation.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs announced on the morning of the 14th that a joint funeral ceremony was held at the Daejeon Cemetery at 4 pm following the joint rendezvous of the 17th rank of the Korean Liberation Army at the Seoul Memorial Hall.

The joint relay and burial ceremony were attended by Baek Gong-soo, the nephew of Baek Jeong-hyeon, the nephew of Governor Baek Jeong-hyeon, and Kim Dae-jin, the grandson of Governor Lee Do-sun;

The funeral ceremony was held in the order of declaration of opening ceremony, entrance to the Yeonghyeon, a salute to the national flag, a salute to the Yeonghyeon, a memorial service, a wreath and incense, the firing of gunfire and silence, a burial and excavation, and a declaration of closing.

After the opening of the Joint Cemetery in Liberation Army on the 11th, Yeong-hyeon, who was ranked 17th in the past, was temporarily enshrined in the Seoul Cemetery, and was sent to Daejeon Cemetery on the same day.

At the joint relay ceremony held at the Seoul Cemetery, President Yun Seok-yeol attended as the guest of honor, paid a visit to Chungyeoldae and the tombs of Gimcheonseong and Lee Jae-hyeon in Gwangbok-gun, and placed a wreath at the 17th Yeong-hyeon and read a tribute.

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"The freedom we enjoy to our heart's content stands on the sacrifice of those who threw their lives like a spear for freedom and the independence of the country, even in the dark realities and despair of the Japanese colonial era," said President Yoon. We must remember the heroes who fell without leaving any names for the sake of us.”

After the relay ceremony, Yeong-hyeon, 17th in line, moved from Seoul Cemetery to Daejeon Cemetery with a total of 17 vehicles, one for each Yeong-hyeon, under the defense honor guard and police escort.

The 17th in the Liberation Army were individually buried in the 'Suyu-ri Korean Liberation Army Joint Cemetery', which was built at the 7 cemetery of the independence fighters in Daejeon Memorial Cemetery.

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The name and achievement of the 17th rank and the inscription on the tombstone of the Korean Liberation Army Suyuri were engraved together on the pilgrimage platform.

With the addition of the 17th rank of Suyuri Liberation Army, the total number of Liberation Army buried at Daejeon Memorial Cemetery increased to 360.

Among the 17th ranked Liberation Army who passed away at the Daejeon Memorial Cemetery on that day, Kim Yu-shin (1991, patriot), Kim Chan-won (1991, patriot), Baek Jeong-hyeon (1991, patriot), Hae-soon Lee (1991, patriot), and Hyun Lee-pyeong (1995) Year of the National Guard), Kim Soon-geun (1990, Ae-chief), Kim Seong-ryul (1991, Ae-chief), Kim Un-baek (1991, Ae-chief), Munhak Jun (1991, Ae-chief), Ahn Il-yong (1991, Ae-chief) ), Jeon Il-mook (1991, Ae-chief), Jeong Sang-seop (1991, Ae-chief), Han Hwi (2022, Ae-chief), Lee Han-ki (1990, Ae-chief), Lee Do-sun (1990, Ae-chief), etc. He died while fighting for independence in the region.

Han-ki Lee (1990, chief Ae), Lee Do-soon (1990, chief Ae), Dong Bang-seok (1990, chief Ae), and Cho Dae-gyun (1990, chief Ae) died in Korea after liberation in

1990 . Afterwards, they received awards for


achievements one after another, but most of them were martyred at a young age and had no descendants, so they were not transferred to the national cemetery for over 70 years. Since

a branch had no descendants, Lee Hyung-jin, chairman of the Korea Liberation Army Memorial Association, was awarded the medal as a deputy chief


Governor Han enlisted in the 2nd Liberation Army in May 1942 and completed the Korean youth training class. activities were carried out.

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