A teenage middle school student who was playing in the water on a tube at Eulwang-ri Beach in Yeongjong-do, Incheon was washed away and drifted into the sea and was rescued in about 10 minutes.

At around 10:50 am today (13th), a citizen discovered that a teenage middle school student group A, who rode a tube, was drifting in the sea near Eulwang-ri Beach, Yeongjong-do, Jung-gu, Incheon, and called 119.

The citizen asked for help, saying, "a tube is floating in the distance from the sea."

After that, the parents of group A immediately found out that the child was missing.

Three members of the Eulwang-ri Citizens Water Rescue Team from the Yeongjong Fire Station quickly rescued the water on a jet ski and a rescue boat, about 1 km away.

Group A came to play with his family, and at low tide, he rode a bird-shaped tube to play in the water, and it was investigated that he was floated to the sea by 1 km under the influence of birds and wind.

A firefighter official said, "You should be careful with bulky tubes, because they are more easily affected by currents and winds if they are large."

(Video provided by Yeongjong Fire Station, Incheon)