You've seen a lot of cars abandoned on the road due to this heavy rain.

Statistics show that nearly 10,000 vehicles were damaged by flooding.

Some of you may be worried that these flooded vehicles will appear in the used car market as if there were no problems.

Then, reporter Min Kyung-ho will tell you how to distinguish a submerged car.


The easiest place to find any signs of flooding is the seat belt.

[Kim Tae-min / Used car dealer (car diagnosis and evaluation): It is not easy to get rid of these marks if you do not replace the belt.

If you are working, you can think of replacing the belt.]

Even if the belt has been replaced to hide water ingress, if you compare the year of manufacture written on the belt with the year of the vehicle, you can tell whether it has been replaced.

[Kim Tae-min / Used car dealer (automobile diagnosis and evaluation company): (vehicle) The model year is 2012 and 2013, but the seat belt manufacturing date is 2016.

Then it must have been replaced.]

The second is the metal fittings on the side of the vehicle.

[Lee Ho-geun/Professor of Future Automobile Department, Daedeok University: When you open the car door, there are plastic parts like these that can be easily opened with a screwdriver or a shoehorn.

You can't use a material that prevents corrosion even for these things (internal steel parts), because the unit price goes up.

So these parts are 100% corroded when they come in contact with water.]

[Kim Tae-min / Used car dealer (automobile diagnosis appraiser): Water fills up from below, so if you look down like this, you can see something like mud through this gap.]

The third is the floor inside the trunk.

When submerged, this material remains and corrodes.

[Lee Ho-geun/Professor of the Department of Future Automobile, Daedeok University: With the bottom of the trunk like this, if you see various spare tires on the floor, you can see all the way to the bottom, there is also a battery here.

If you remove the spare tire from the floor, sand or foreign substances are bound to remain everywhere no matter how well you clean it.]

Lastly, closing the window and turning on the heater or air conditioner is a good way to check if there is a moldy smell.

(Video coverage: Shin Dong-hwan, editing: Kim In-sun)