It rained lightly in the central region including Seoul, but now it has almost stopped.

However, there are places where the road is still under control because the water level of the Han River is still high due to the discharge from the dam.

We will connect with a reporter who is out on the Jamsu Bridge to check the road conditions.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon, is the Jamsu Bridge still not going through?


Yes, the Jamsu Bridge has been submerged for four days.

The water level of the Han River is so high that you can barely see the sign above the water.

The water level at Jamsu Bridge is 8.43m as of 11:30pm.

At 7:30 in the morning, the water level was 7.55 m, and it gradually rose and rose to nearly 1 m during the day.

This is because it rains heavily in the upper reaches of the Han River, and the Paldang Dam is continuously discharging more than 10,000 tons per second.

It is expected that it will take some time for the Jamsu Bridge to be revealed as the Soyanggang Dam also started discharging at 3 pm for the first time in two years since the summer of last year.


Now, I'm worried about the way to work, so please tell me where the roads are currently restricted.


As the water level of the Han River rose, from 3:30 pm, the section of Dongjak Bridge from Gayang Bridge to Olympic-daero was completely controlled in both directions.

In addition, a total of 17 downtown Seoul roads are under control.

Dangsan Interchange, Mangwon Interchange, and Yangjaecheongyo to Yeongdong 1gyo Bridge are controlled in both directions, and access to the Yeoui Upstream IC connection to Nodeul is blocked in one direction at the ramp.

Restoration work is also taking place on some roads, so congestion is expected on the way to work tomorrow (12th) morning.

In order to avoid trouble on the way to work, it is recommended to check the traffic information in advance before moving.

Real-time traffic information can be found on the Seoul Traffic Information System website.

Using the subway that is operating normally may be an alternative.