The police demanded Kim Hye-kyung, the spouse of Rep. Lee Jae-myung, to attend an investigation into the alleged misuse of corporate cards.

Lawmaker Lee's side made a statement on some of the allegations through SNS, but SBS secured a recording file containing this explanation and other circumstances.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon on the sidewalk.


Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jae-myung's office said yesterday (9th) that Lee's spouse Kim Hye-kyung received a request for attendance from the police. specifically explained.

At that time, lawyer B, who was in charge of the execution, said that he paid only 26,000 won for Kim's meal with the political fund card he received from the camp.

In particular, at that time, the Lee Jae-myung camp had a policy that no candidate or spouse will be treated or treated if they dine with others.

This is a recording file secured by SBS.

It contains a conversation between Kim Hye-kyung's assistant, Bae, and public interest informant A in the alleged misappropriation of corporate cards.

Mr. Bae instructs Mr. A, not lawyer B, to make the payment.

[Informant A-Mr. Bae (August of last year): Please report card payments to lawyer B.

Or I'll take it and do it myself.

(You don't know B well, that. You go to the counter like this and you eat with 3 people like this.) You are talking about leaving only your wife at the camp.


At that time, it seems that Mr. A paid with two cards for the political fund and the Gyeonggi Province business promotion fee.

[Mr. A/Public whistleblower (August last year): We used our card for 104,000 won and left with the remaining 26,000 won with that card.]

Not only the meal cost of 78,000 won for three members including the wife of a member of the National Assembly, but also the contest camp The informant explained that the expenses for the meal of the officials were also paid with the Gyeonggi business promotion card.

Rep. Lee Jae-myung's side emphasized that Kim Hye-kyung did not know that Mr. A had paid for the meal for the remaining three people with Gyeonggi-do Upchubi, but in reality, the situation where the meal was served was revealed.

The police, who have secured the relevant recordings and testimonies of witnesses, plan to summon Mr. Kim soon to investigate the allegations.

(Video editing: Park Soo-sun)