This time, let's take a look at the situation in the metropolitan area including Seoul.

Our reporter team is out at Jamsu Bridge.

Reporter Han So-hee, when I went to work in the morning, it was raining really hard. How is it now, is it raining a lot?


Yes, I am at the Han River Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.

The heavy rain is now in a state of calm for a while, but the Jamsu Bridge or Hangang Park, which should be visible behind me, is still submerged and invisible.

The water level at Jamsu Bridge was 7.38m as of 5:30am today (11th), soared to 9.7m yesterday and has fallen a lot.

Since the water level has already passed the traffic limit, neither people nor cars can pass, but at least cars need to go down 1m more from now on.

But looking at the rain situation now, I can't be relieved.

This is because the water level of the Han River is rising again as heavy rains of more than 30 mm per hour have been pouring in the southern part of Gyeonggi Province since dawn.

In particular, in the Pyeongtaek area, torrential downpours exceeding 40 mm per hour are observed, so local residents need to pay attention.


There are still places where roads are controlled. Could you please explain in detail which roads are being controlled?


All major arterial roads in Seoul that were blocked are communicating.

Olympic Boulevard has been in traffic since last night, from Dongjak Bridge to Gayang Bridge, as control was lifted.

However, some of the city roads are still under control.

Some sections of Nodeulo and 18 downtown roads, including Dangsan Interchange, Gaehwa Yukgapmun, and Gaehwa Sinseol Interchange, are still closed to traffic.

It's still raining and traffic conditions can change, so you should check the traffic information on your way to work in the morning.