<Anchor> The non-

stop rain has left many wounds in the metropolitan area.

There are places where the ground is hollow in residential areas, and there are many places where the ground has collapsed.

As the reports of damage continue like this, the restoration work is not yet speeding up.

Next, reporter Ha Jeong-yeon.


A residential area in Sinwol-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

The ground between the buildings completely collapsed.

It is a space where cars are usually parked at the entrance of the house, but a large sinkhole was created due to heavy rain the night before.

[Resident: The ground is just pouring down, so I parked everything over there.

I told him to remove the car and reported it to the ward office.]

This is the site of a large sinkhole due to heavy rain two days ago.

Restoration work is still in full swing, but residents have been evacuated to a safe place.

Until the restoration work is complete, 19 residents are temporarily staying at a nearby senior center.

In the middle of Gangnam-daero, Seoul with a lot of floating population.

There is a big hole in the crosswalk.

It is a pothole that was formed by the rain last night, but citizens and vehicles are barely avoiding it.

Damage reports were received at around 5 am today, but as the number of complaints related to the heavy rains has increased, repair work has not been done yet.

The middle of the elementary school playground was also dented by heavy rain.

The sinkhole was about 3.5m wide and 1m deep.

Due to this heavy rain, more than 3,700 cases of flooding of houses and shopping malls, such as sinkholes in the metropolitan area and central regions, and 90 educational institutions were also damaged.

The number of reports of damage continues to increase, but in many cases, restoration work has not even started due to lack of manpower and equipment.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-joo, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, VJ: Lee Jun-young)