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A story that a cigarette butt came out of a chicken ordered for delivery is known and is causing outrage from netizens.


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Netizen A, a few days ago, found a cigarette butt while eating chicken ordered for delivery at a franchise chicken restaurant in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do.

In the photo released by Mr. A, a cigarette butt showing the brand logo was attached to a piece of chicken.

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A complained to the store and received a refund through the delivery app, but explained that he was angry with the store's attitude.

The two bosses in the store said, "Neither of them smoke cigarettes" and "Aren't they french fries, give it a try" without saying a word of apology.

When asked how he eats, he replied, "Take it off and enjoy it." When he said he would report it to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, he said, "Young people shouldn't live like that." He confirmed and then apologized.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is currently conducting an investigation into the store.

Netizens responded, "If it was fried together, the oil itself would be contaminated. The owner's attitude is also absurd.", "Where did the cigarette butts come from? Is it fried chicken that smokes?"

(Screen source: Nate Pan)