A story about fried cigarette butts came out of chicken ordered for delivery, causing outrage among netizens.

Yesterday (9th), on an online community, an article titled 'I ordered chicken and got fried cigarettes' was posted.

According to the article, author A found a cigarette while eating chicken ordered for delivery at a small franchise chicken restaurant in Masan on the 7th.  

If you look at the photo released by Mr. A, you can see that cigarette butts with the brand clearly written on them are fried together with chicken. 

Enlarging an image

Mr. A said, "I called the store and got a refund through the delivery app, but I am so angry with the store's attitude. He told me to try it,” he said.

Then, "When the female boss hung up the phone, he said, 'Have a good meal,' so I asked, 'How do you eat it?' He said, 'Take off that (cigarette butt) and enjoy it.'" 

According to Mr. A, the male president later went to Mr. A's house and checked the chicken himself, and admitted that "it seems to be a cigarette," but he did not apologize properly.

When Mr. A, who was angry with this attitude, said, "I will report it to the head office and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety," the male president said, "Young people should not live like that." 

Mr. A said, "The head office said that they would collect chicken and cigarette butts, so I couldn't believe it, so I told the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to inspect it." 

Netizens who heard the story responded, "It's absurd to see cigarette butts coming out of the chicken", "The boss's attitude is ridiculous", and "It's too unsanitary." 

(Photo = Nate Pan)