In the place where it rained today (10th), many people sent a report.

Let's organize this content with reporter Koh Jung-hyun.

What kind of tip-off video has come in that can prevent further damage and inform others of the danger?


First, let's take a look at the self-service gas station in Yeongjongdo, Incheon.

This video was filmed yesterday around 3pm.

The roof structure was torn off by strong winds and rains, and it is scattered all over the gas station.

It was a dizzying situation where a part of the steel roof was torn off and fell on the vehicle being refueled.

Fortunately, the informant went into the office to meet the employee, and the informant's family was also staying in the vehicle, so there were no casualties.

Let's hear what the informant has to say.

[Informant: I was going towards the car and it was falling.

(The iron plate) was afraid to hit me, so (my wife) yelled at me to open the car door a little and go inside.]


Thank you very much for sending the report, but you must pay attention to safety when shooting again.

Let me introduce you to the next video.


There was no significant damage to various facilities.

This is a video filmed this morning in the Bukhan River.

It looks like the water leisure facilities installed on the riverside are being washed away by the overflowing river water.

The place that we floated to and arrived at is the Cheongpyeong Dam.

It is blocked by the dam and no longer floats away, but according to the informant, as the Soyanggang Dam started discharging, the structures of several leisure companies downstream were washed away like this.

As you can see, not only the water leisure facilities, but also the nearby leisure companies are saying that the damage to the nearby leisure companies is not the same as the container of the campground is floating away.


We showed you the restoration site earlier, but since there are so many damaged areas, do you think the restoration work is slowing down?


That's right.

The heavy rain that fell for two days stopped in the metropolitan area today, and restoration work was in full swing in the metropolitan area all day today.

The screen you see is a sewing factory in Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si.

The water that had reached the waist is all gone, but the 40,000 sheets of fabric have already been mixed with muddy water and need to be disposed of.

However, the informant said that he is more worried about the future, so let's hear what he is saying.

[Yoo Hong-seok/Informant: Electricity is completely out in this building.

When I asked, it took about a month to restore electricity.

All the bosses know where they can borrow and rent all the generators on their own, so they are working on lighting (repairing).]


Let's take a look at the next video.

This is a video filmed yesterday morning in Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

In the dark dawn, the shaft collapsed and the soil was pushed into the multi-family house in front.

Here's what the screen looks like this morning from the same location.

Even though 24 hours have passed, no restoration work has been attempted except for the place where the prohibition tape is installed.

It is said that the informant made a phone call to the community center once.

It is said that the answer that came back was 'I can't help you because you have to do the restoration of private land'.

However, since it is unclear who the owner of the building is, the residents have responded that they do not even know who is responsible for the restoration.


It is said that it rains a lot, so if you are in a dangerous area, it would be better to move it to a safe place.