A man in his 60s who was arrested and charged with attempted murder after raping an insurance agent was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the first trial.

Today (10th), the 1st Criminal Division of the Cheonan Branch of the Daejeon District Court (Chief Judge Seo Jeon-gyo) sentenced A (64), who was arrested and charged with rape and attempted murder, to 10 years in prison and ordered him to receive 3 years of probation. .

Previously, Mr. A was accused of sexually assaulting Mr. B, an insurance solicitor he knew, at his home in Cheonan on March 10 of this year and then trying to kill him.

At that time, it was revealed that Mr. A had committed the crime by enticing Mr. B to his home, saying, "Tell me how to withdraw virtual currency."

An acquaintance of Mr. B, suspicious of the loss of contact after Mr. B said 'I am going to handle customer complaints', found Mr. A's house, checked the scene, and reported it to the police.

Fortunately, B was taken to the hospital soon and survived.

The court said, "Mr. A sexually assaulted and tried to kill the victim who was kind to him, but when he confirmed that he was alive, he tried to kill him again."

"A has a history of being punished multiple times for violent crimes in the past, and he showed irrational and extreme violence in this case," he said.