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An incumbent police officer was arrested after making a false report to the police while intoxicated.

The Wonmi Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, announced on the 10th that it had booked a 28-year-old Inspector A, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, on charges of violating the Misdemeanor Punishment Act.

Superintendent A is accused of falsely reporting suspicion of drunk driving and illegal karaoke business at an entertainment district in Simgok-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do around 7:30 am on the same day.

The police, who received the report, were dispatched to the scene, but it turned out that the vehicle suspected of drunk driving pointed out by Inspector A had no trace of driving.

Afterwards, Superintendent A reported to the dispatching police that a nearby karaoke room was operating illegally by calling a helper, but it was confirmed that there were no customers in the karaoke room at the time.

Police found that Inspector A had made a false report and arrested him as a current offender.

However, it is reported that Inspector A complained of injustice, saying, "The police dragged me around without notifying Miranda properly." "While the police met the karaoke owner and came, they locked me in a police car for 25 minutes."

The police plan to bring Inspector A to the police station to investigate the exact circumstances.

A police official said, "The police officer A did not present his ID to a police officer who was dispatched to the scene, so he was first arrested on charges of violating the Misdemeanor Punishment Act." policy," he said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)